Starling Wines was founded in 2011 by Paul Ricketts. The aim was to create a wine investment consultancy that offered a personal and transparent approach to an already tried and tested market.

Since 2011, we have been assisting our clients in successfully building and selling their wine portfolios. Having consistently developed our expertise in an ever-evolving market, we now specialise in wines across the globe – from Bordeaux to Napa Valley.

At Starling Wines we take great pride in working closely with our valued clients to grow their exceptional fine wine portfolios. We look forward to welcoming you.


Paul Joseph Ricketts
Founder and Managing Director

Paul worked in the events industry when he discovered his love of fine wine through tastings, in search of the perfect wines for high-profile events. Paul’s fine wine experience and knowledge has been fine-tuned over the past 15 years which ultimately led him to start his own fine wine consultancy a decade ago.

He has enabled clients to grow their portfolios over the years and has developed a wealth of invaluable contacts in the industry. Starling Wines is now taking its next step in development to lead the way in how people buy and invest in fine wine.

Paul’s love for wine is complemented by his passion for the finest drinks’ accessories and an insatiable curiosity for innovation.

“Starling Wines was created to offer a transparent and innovative approach to a tried and tested market. The tools we provide are driven by exactly what we would expect from any modern-day investment”.